Corrugator wet-end services available

Mechanical and Electrical services/upgrades
Preventative Maintenance program
Corrugating rolls replacement
Pressure roll rebuild/replacement
Glue/Metering rolls replacement
Glue section main starch pan replacement
Machine and Process troubleshooting
Maintenance and Operator training
Hydraulic system repairs including SST tubing fabrication
Machine rebuilds at HGS Glen Arm, MD shop

Electrical parts
Eurotherm/Parker DC drives for Main/Glue/Bridge motors
(Programmed for United SFM/SFI and DGU applications)
Encoder boards and serial cables for DC drives
Allen Bradley HMI touchscreens
(Programmed for United SFM/SFI/DGU/DF applications)
Allen Bradley PLC5 components
(CPU/AC DC Input Output/DC contact output/Analog Input Output/64 point block I/O/Remote adapter/Racks)